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Film Studies [Apr. 20th, 2008|03:21 pm]
University of Utah


I'm in incoming transfer student this fall and I'm considering a major in film studies. I'm wondering if anybody can share some information about this major. Your general sentiments on this would be great. Anything you think would be helpful to me. I've only heard that it's kind of underfunded. Coming from NYU, I don't really know what that means or what I'm supposed to expect because I'm not in the arts school here currently.

I am planning to major either in economics or political science and film studies. I already have a lot of transfer credit and AP credit that work toward my social science majors, but none toward film studies. So it is really only an interest I will pursue at the U if it is worthwhile investing extra time and money in it.

Much thanks!

[User Picture]From: wire_skull
2008-04-23 12:27 am (UTC)
Utah is a VERY good place to study film: The Sundance film festival is here and there are ALWAYS things being filmed here, thus lots of opportunities for experience. There are good independent movie theaters and it seems there are always opportunities for students to screen their stuff.

I was a film major for a year... I never got so far as learning production, so I don't know much about what kind of resources the U has. I didn't quit because of any failure on the part of the University, I just decided it wasn't my thing. The professors DO make you jump through a lot of hoops though which is irritating. Like you have to be wait listed for a lot of the required classes. And the screenwriting professor makes you basically call him up and beg to let you be in his class. Fuckers.
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[User Picture]From: mayhawthorn
2008-04-23 01:34 am (UTC)
Thanks, that is very helpful.

I was mainly wondering whether someone with no film experience would be able to thrive in the U's film program. Do most kids in the film classes have so much experience that the instructors pass over a lot of stuff?

I know here at NYU it can be intimidating getting into the arts school if you have no film-related experience, because it is possible to get in with just a portfolio of writings, and obviously a lot of the best film students come here as well.
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[User Picture]From: wire_skull
2008-04-24 08:42 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure most of the people entering film school here have zero experience. There is no portfolio or review process you need to go through before getting into the film program. It's just like any other major.
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